The Best Home Gym Glide Boards

The Best Home Gym Glide Boards

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Home health club slide boards are a popular first-time design of total body home workout devices. They can offer an affordable, tough and low-impact workout to assist you drop weight and build muscle. Nevertheless, you’ll get a far much better worth for your cash by picking a high-grade design that can last you for long times.

Glide Boards Workouts

Glide boards are created to allow you to work out all your major muscle teams from home. It doings thisn’t by making you raise big weights, and by making you work against the force of gravity pulling on your very own body weight. By making a few easy modifications, you can alter the strain on your muscles, enabling you to utilize the exact same piece of equipment for numerous exercises.

Total Gym

The Full Gym, with Chuck Norris as its spokesperson, stimulated much of the recent interest in slide board house health clubs. The Total Gym 3000 consists of chrome upper rails, steel deals with and a squat stand. It can be used for even more than 60 exercises, and is known for being incredibly comfy and simple to make use of. The Total Health club is also famous for its long life expectancy, which is backed by a life time guarantee. The Overall Gym 3000 costs around $850.

Bayou Fitness Total Trainer

The Bayou Physical fitness Full Trainer line of move board house gyms is designed with attention to detail and the a broad and tough home exercise in mind. Although somewhat less populared than the Overall Fitness center, these models are at the top of the list of the very best house health club slide boards. Like the Total Health club, the Overall Fitness instructor is chrome plated to provide the smoothest ride feasible. The Overall Trainer provides 11 levels of resistance and lots of add-ons so you can work all parts of your body. The Total Fitness instructor DLX III is readily available for about $526.


Although glide boards can provide an efficient resistance training workout, you may want to support your training with a jog or other type of cardiovascular exercise. The Centers for Illness Control and Avoidance recommends that many grownups get at least 1.25 hours of extreme aerobic exercise and two resistance training sessions weekly. Contact your physician before you start a new workout regimen.

The Best Home Gym Glide Boards